HTML Email Setup on BlackBerry

         There are several steps you should do to Setup HTML email on the BlackBerry, including conditions that must exist in the blackberry handheld. In this post I will describe the requirements and also the steps to activate the Blackberry HTML email.

        Requirements that must be met to follow the activation steps :
1. BlackBerry OS version must be at least 4.5.0 and above, if you still use OS under 4.5.0 please update first.
2. BIS providers must have been activated.
3. activate / re-register your email on BIS providers, either through the handheld via BIS provider icon's or via internet computer, if successful your  BIS providers will respond via SMS to your handheld.

        If the requirements are available on the handheld, go to step activation :
1. Reset your handheld by removing the battery, then press and hold power_on button 2-5 seconds, and insert the battery again, .. wait until handheld power up with normal again.
2. Open the messages folder 
3. Click on a reply message from BIS providers 
4. Click Options
5. Click Email Settings
6. Enable HTML email = yes
7. Download Images Automatically = yes
8. Setting the TCP / APN to the mode "enable"
9. reset the handheld (such as the first step)

        If  HTML logo's has not appeared, It's caused the TCP / APN is not active yet, just wait it will be active automatically.

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