Unable to connect to the BlackBerry smartphone during a multistage loading operation


        If you have problem like title below when you flashing / repgraming BlackBerry handheld use Desktp Manager or other flashing tools, it's usually caused connection between the BlackBerry USB port and USB port computer is always broken (always fails) when the automatic reconnect progress and prompt to unable to complete the flashing process to 100%.
There are some solution you can do to solve that problem :
1. Turn off the Power Management options for your computer's USB root hub.
    How to disable Power Management for USB root hub on the computer, perform the following steps:  
    • Open the Control Panel  (click Start> Settings> Control Panel) 
    • In Control Panel, click System.  
    • Select the Hardware tab and click Device Manager.  
    • In the Device Manager -> Universal Serial Bus controllers.
      a. Right click USB Root Hub and select Properties.  
      b. select Power Management tab and check mark "turn off this device to save power"  
    • Repeat step a. b. for other entries named USB Root Hub. (Turn off everything), leave one port to be used for flashing.
2. Make sure the BlackBerry is connected directly to computer USB (USB on the motherboard) and not on a USB hub.
3. Disconnect all other USB devices such as flasher box, modem, removable disk, cardreader .. etc.
4. Turn off antivirus or firewall programs running on your computer.
5. Try to use the short usb cable during flashing process, aimed at delivered maximum voltage.

note:  turn off / disable the other USB root power management point to stabilize the voltage on the USB cable in use in the flashing process. so do not be turned off all, reserving one USB root that will used. 

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