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Xperia ST15(mini) / ST17(active) Touch screen Calibration

How to calibrate touchscreen ST15 / ST17 with explanation.
Some Sony / SonyEricsson series ST15 (Xperia mini) or ST17 (Xperia active) possessed the problems that often come out the error touchscreen. Symptoms of various kinds of error, for example: back button / menu button itself is continuously pressed, the phone will vibrate automatically continue, touchscreen difficult to use even barely used, heat up the phone and battery drain.
Now you can fix this problem.

Download all the necessary files:

1. dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64
2. SEMC Calibration driver
3. Touch panel calibration
4. Instalation guide for SEMC calibration driver.pdf
You need SETool box to flash the phone.

Before performing calibration make sure the battery is fully charged and the existing data on your phone will be lost because we can not do the backup could not be used due to the touchscreen.

Steps to perform the calibration as follows:
1. Extract all files, install the file number 1 that have been downloaded
2. Flash phone (ST15 / ST17) with ETS software with Setool
3. Unplug the cable from the phone, remove and reinsert the battery
4. Press the power button until the phone vibrates, the phone display will be blank, wait 10 seconds
5. Run software "Touch panel calibrtation
6. Connect the phone to the USB port with the installed driver (follow file number 4)
7. Click start calibration, if pass flash the phone with SeTool or flashtool with good firmware.

Do not touch the touch screen during the calibration process, After flashing is complete, turn on the phone, to make sure the phone is normal, do a self-test by pressing * # * # 7378423 # * # *
Good Luck.

HTC Desire Android SIM-Unlock | how to? |

Easy ways to do the SIM-Unlock on HTC Desire (Android) there are 2 methods that I know, namely:
1. Boot from CD
2. Boot from USB (PenDrive / FlashDisk) course for the laptop supports booting from USB.

For the first method, the following steps:
1. Download the ISO file below, and burn to CD (this is freeware)

2. Boot the computer with the CD
3. Power up your phone into HBOOT by pressing both Vol-Down and Power buttons
4. Connect the device to the computer and then press ENTER
5. follow the instructions

For the second method, the following steps:
1. Download Multiboot ISO, HERE
2. FlashDisk Plug into your computer, then format
3. Run Multiboot ISO, and adjust the flash drive as the drive in your computer
4. follow the instructions as shown below marked with red boxes mark, then click "create"

5. after appearing as shown below, click "next"

6. last click "no"

After that please boot your computer from USB, and Ulock ready made.

Note: The app does not require root or s-off and Should work on any hboot and radio version. (It has been tested so far with HBOOT up to 0.93.1000 and up-to-RADIO
It's based on Some vulnerabilities and undocumented features, so disclosing Them Would mean the Greater the chance of Them being corrected.
I've only tested it on Desire GSM and I do not recommend using it on CDMA devices; doing Otherwise Could lead to unpredictable results.

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Xperia X8 Hard Reset simply method

To do a hard reset on Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 having Android operating system, you need to know that all data and third-party applications on the phone will be deleted. Mobile setting will return to the original including the lock code or security code.

Follow these steps:

1. turn off the phone
2. press and hold left and right keys Beneath the LCD display
3. press and release the power key
4. follow the instructions that appear on the lcd screen to do a hard reset, and the phone will restart.


How to Root your Android Phone safely and easily

      Is Rooting on Android Phone make the warranty void? Yes....because Rooting on an Android Phone is the process of modifying the Operating System on your device to grant you complete control over it.
      But you do not need to worry because with the UniversalAndRoot App, rooting becomes a simple task that any person can do. Which makes the warranty void is to unlock the bootloader, because some tutorials suggest to do it as a rooting procedure.
      With UniversalAndRoot App you do not need to unlock it, and the best thing is, You can even Unroot your phone and get it back to the original state. So it's safe and easy.
      Why do I need to Root my Android Phone, what are the benefits?
Root doesn't unlock your phone for other carriers. It gives you super user access aka SU. It will allow you to flash custom ROMs and themes. Some apps require root to work properly. And also you will get :
1. Full control over your system
2. Ability to alter system files. You can replace many parts of the "Android Core" with this including:
    ^ Themes
    ^ Core apps (maps, calendar, clock etc)
    ^ Recovery image
    ^ Bootloader
    ^ Toolbox (linux binary that lets you execute simple linux commands like "ls") can be replaced with Busybox (slightly better option)
    ^ Boot images
    ^ Add linux binaries
3. Run special apps that need more control over the system
    ^ SuperUser (lets you approve or deny the use of root access to any program)
    ^ Task Manager For Root (Lets you kill apps that you otherwise could not kill)
    ^ Tether apps (like the one found at
    ^ And many more
4. Backup your system
    ^ You can make a folder on your sdcard and backup all of your (.apk) files to your sdcard (helps if an author decides to "upgrade" you to a version that requires you to pay to use the version you just had)
5. Relocate your (browser/maps/market) cache to your /sdcard
6. Relocate your installed applications to your /sdcard
7. Reboot your phone from the terminal app easily (su reboot )

This application can only work on mobile phones below (for now):

* Google Nexus One (running 2.2)
* HTC Hero (2.1)
* HTC Magic (1.5)
* Dell Streak (2.1)
* Motorola Milestone (2.1)
* Motorola XT701
* Motorola XT800 (2.1)
* Motorola ME511
* Sony Ericsson X10 (1.6)
* Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro (1.6)
* Acer Liquid (2.1)
* Vibo A688 (1.6)
* LG1 1.6
* Mytouch 3G Slide
* LG Ally
* HTC Tattoo
* More to come
      Download the latest version of UniversalAndRoot App, and install it on your device. Make sure your phone is supported by the application or it will brick your phone, and then follow steps below :
1. Open application
2. In the dropdown menu, select your current Android version.
3. Tap on the Root button. Wait for about 5 seconds until all status are (OK).
4. Your phone is now rooted.
To Unroot select "UnRoot" button.