Setup GPRS on Moto Q

        Moto Q(GSM) have windows mobile operating system and qwerty keyboard, this smart phone has a lot of features, one of which I will discuss now is GPRS.
Ok follow this step :
Press Start menu / setting / connections ( and you'll see dial-up, gprs, proxy, usb to pc menu ) than you must fill each menu with the operator parameter correctly.

A. dial up :
1. Description >>>( up to you)
2. Connects to >>> The internet
3. phone Number >>> 333
4. User name >>> (the operator parameter)
5.password>>> (the operator parameter)
6.Domain >>> blank
press DONE

1. Description >>> (up to you but must be different from point A)
2. connets to >>> The Internet
3. acces point >>> (the operator parameter)
4. user name >>> (the operator parameter)
5. password >>> (the operator parameter)
6.authentication type >>> none
7.Primary DNS >>>
8.Secondary DNS >>>
9. IP Address : blank
press DONE

1. Description >>> (up to you but must be different from point A and B)
2. connect from >>> the internet
3.connect to >>> WAP network
4. Proxy >>> (the operator parameter x = proxy : y = port)
5. type >>> WAP
6.User name >>> blank
7. Password>>> blank
press done

        Ok....finish, try to browsing from your moto Q, if the connection is not accessible, make sure that the setting is correct or contact the operator services and service center.
        Nice to share this, hopefully can help you, thank you for visiting my blog and see you at the next post....bye.........

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