LCD streaking solution

        The most important interface for operating on mobile phones is LCD, what if your mobile phones lcd screen streaked like the image below?

        Certainly we annoyed when we read the SMS or whatever, but some characters are missing.Usually when the screen is off the streak is not visible.Take it easy .... with a little patience, perseverance and prudence LCD will be normal again.we just need screwdrivers and your fingernails .... such a case as the picture above,

        First disassemble your mobile phone until the lcd is visible, then continue rubbing with the tip of your nail on the LCD screen is streaked toward the edge in the direction with carefully, but don't press it too much in order to be cracked or broken(if broken even added another problem ... hehehe)

        This trick may take several days to weeks depending on your patience and perseverance ..... but rather than having to buy LCD, if we can be tricked why not .....

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Anonymous said...

cool.....i'll try on my N6300
thx 4 sharing bro.....

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