Email setup Moto Q

        To setup email on the Moto Q is easy relatively, all we need are an active email accounts and mobile connection is activated (gprs) which I have already discussed how to setting gprs moto Q on previous post.
        After having both these requirements, then just follow the steps below : 

1. Press Start menu / messaging / new email account
2. Your Email Source select "Other "
3. Press next
4. Your Email Provider select "Other"(POP /IMAP )
5. Press next
6. Fill with Your name, Email address than press next
7. Wait for connecting until finish
8. Press next
9. Write your email user name,password than select next
10.Server type select POP3 or IMAP4 depending on your email account if yahoo select IMAP4, account name select "Other" (POP3/IMAP), network select "The Internet "
11.Press next few times until "download" option is appear
12.Press next until " Setup complete "
13.Press finish

        Now your phone can receive email, so you can read that one from your moto Q, easy right?
If still not working, make sure you wrote email address, user name, password correctly. And also check point 10, change beetwen POP3 and IMAP4 choices. Good Luck.........

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