Make Blackberry Browser Faster

        Speed up blackberry browser tricks only maximize the performance while minimizing the appearance or browser features. a major impact on browsing speed is a provider of cellular service network. 
        But with these tips we can accelerate browsing on hendheld than to use your full featured. Sett BlackBerry's browser as below :

1. Open Browser
2. Click "BB" logo
3. Click Browser Configuration
4. Check on the "Prompt to enable javascript" and "Use foreground and background"
5. Unchecked the others option
6. Exit and save

        With a setting like this, the display will be old fashioned but the browsing speed will be better.
        Also make sure you use "Internet Browser" as the default gateway route in the "Browser Configuration" and "General Properties" in the BB browser options menu. This means that browser will be redirected to the RIM network via the operator.
Clean browser cache memory as often as possible to increase the speed with the following steps :

1. Open browser
2. Click "BB" logo
3. Click options
4. Click Cache Operations
5. Click Clear to all options such as, content cache, Pushed content, cookie cache.
6. Exit and the BB will do the "cleaning memory".

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