How to install Nokia Ovi Map for Free

      The maps are very important to help us in a trip or looking for a place that we seek. With the Nokia Ovi Map we will be very helpful for it all.

Here's how to install Ovi Map on your Nokia mobile phone :
  1. Connect your mobile to your computer with USB or Bluetooth in PC Suite mode. You need to have Nokia Ovi Suite installed on your computer.
  2. Download Maps to your desktop or an easily accessible folder on your computer.
  3. Install Maps using Nokia Ovi Suite e.g. double click on the Maps installer file. Finish the installation on your mobile.
  4. Maps starts automatically after it has been installed on your mobile. 
Nokia Ovi Maps Compatible device :
X6 16GB | X6 32GB | N8 | N97 (mini, mini gold edition) | N86 8MP | E72 | E71 | E66 | E5 | E55 | E52 | C6 | C5 | 6760s | 6730c | 6720c | 6710navigator | 6700c | 5800xm | 5800navigation edition | 5235ovi music unlimited | 5230 | 2710navigation edition.

Ovi Map is always best and their features as well from Nokia Ovi....these are real helpful,

Features :
  1. My position
  2. Share location
  3. Search and find places
  4. Favourites
  5. Drive
  6. Walk
  7. Own Voice for Ovi Maps
  8. Free maps and map update
  9. Map views
  10. Online and offline modes
  11. Lonely Planet guides
Learn more about these features.

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