5 Problems and solutions Blackberry Software Most Frequently found

1. Emails have been deleted but are still stored. 
    This is because in fact the deleted emails are still stored in the "deleted items folder" which sometimes causes a database error or out of sync. A simple solution is to permanently delete emails from outlook inbox by pressing the "Shift" and "Delete" keys simultaneously, or can be manually by deleting all the emails are still stored in the "deleted items folder". 

2. Emails can not be entered and saved into the inbox folder. 
    Because the inbox memory is full, then no new emails can be stored in the inbox. how to fix this error is to re-register by going to (main menu, advance option, navigate to the host rotating table, select the menu, register now, and registration message sent) 

3. Can not send email 
    This error is usually caused by a network service problem (GPRS/3G) or did not find GPRS/3G signal. simple things you can do to fix this error is to perform a soft reset and hard reset on the BB handheld. 
Soft reset : in standby press (ALT + CAP + DELETE) simultaneously. 
Hard reset : press the reset button located on the back of the handheld. 

4. Auto power off when going to answer the call 
    This software error caused the BlackBerry rare memory refresh, remove the battery for 5-10 minutes, in order to refresh the memory and make it a habit to do once a week. 

5. Often blank lcd screen 
    On mobile devices that already use the Operating System, this is often the case, is no exception to the BB.do the handling of the most lightweight and low-risk first 
a. perform a soft reset and unplug the external memory 
b. upgrade or downgrade software / operating system 
c. if steps a and b are not successful, the possibility of damage to hardware or lcd.

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