Launch of Sony Ericsson Zylo

       There is amazing news for SE holic. Sony Ericsson will launch a new generation Walkman phone that is, Zylo. One of the benefits Zylo is an audio format FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Contact). FLAC is an audio format for home theater.This format allows us to listen to music or home theater audio class. "FLAC format sound quality of High Definition is the best ever on a mobile phone. Although the sound or music already in the very least, but the sound is still audible sound with the best quality," Hanny Sanjaya (Group Product Manager of Sony Ericsson Marketting) said, Thursday (07 / 22/2010).

With the FLAC format, we can listen to the songs that have been reduced in size, without losing the quality of the original song. "On, MP4 or MP3 usual, if you hear a song that has been compressed, then the effect that the song will sound hoarse or shrill. But that did not happen when using FLAC format, the sound of a singer with a background sound will still be heard round and intact, even though the song already compressed,"Hanny said.

The easiest way to distinguish FLAC to MP4 format is that if  tested on a home theater. "Voices from the MP4 or MP3 will be sounded hoarse voice than from FLAC to go smoothly," Hanny said.

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